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Steering Committee Meeting #4 04/10/2019

• Review of survey data to date
• Review and identification of themes from public input
• Discussion of potential scenarios
• Follow up with email update to steering committee summarizing big ideas and scenarios being developed
Team and staff refine scenario ideas and develop them, along with trade offs story. Prepares presentation narrative and visuals, posters, real time survey, and online survey. Include time for review process.

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Steering Committee Meeting #2 02/21/2019

• Reminder of roles and process
• Roadmap (timeline)
• Land use overview, trends and projections, existing land use map and 2050 baseline map
• Discussion of values and quality of life goals to inform process
• Preview of next meeting (dry run for public workshop)
Team prepares presentation narrative and visuals, real time and online survey, mapping activity; include time for review process.

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Steering Committee Meeting #1 01/24/2019

• Introductions
• Expectations/role (also pre-identify co-chairs to open and close public meetings, if desired)
• What a vision and a general plan is/why important
• Review of process
• Branding
• Discussion: What do you love about Heber? What do you want to see preserved or enhanced? What would you like to change or improve? OR: What are the big questions we need to answer? What challenges or opportunities do we face?

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