Wasatch Open Lands Host Meeting This Wednesday

Wasatch County Landowners interested in preserving their land are invited to a meeting Wednesday evening to learn more about their options.

After passing a $10 million open space bond last November Wasatch County landowners finally have the opportunity to apply for those monies to place conservation easements on their land.

The informational meeting is hosted by the Wasatch Open Lands Board. The board was created to preserve agricultural and open lands in the county and will help distribute the money from the bond. The board is hoping to leverage the money along with other funding sources including state and federal funds to conserve land in Wasatch County.

Heber City Council Member Heidi Franco is the board president she says all landowners in the county are invited to the meeting.

“If you’re interested in open space options in your land, how to get a conservation easement, or other options to preserve your land and receive monetary compensation potentially from the open space bond that was passed last year,” Franco said. “This is the meeting you want to come to.”

Those who attended will hear from certified land trust representatives and learn more about the application process for accessing the bond.

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday at 7:30 pm at the Wasatch County Senior Citizens Center/Library. That building is located at 465 East 1200 South near Wasatch High School. You can find more information online at Wasatch.Utah.Gov