Snow Removal and Parking Reminder

cars in snow


It is your responsibility to shovel any sidewalks that

are connected to your property.

10.16.040 Parking During Snow Cleanup Periods

A. No parking during snow removal hours.

Beginning November 15th of each year

and terminating April 1st, it is unlawful to

park or leave parked any vehicle upon the

City’s paved portion of the street or within

five feet thereof under the following


1. When there is any amount of snow on

the street;

2. When it is actually snowing or within

twenty-four hours thereafter; or

3. The street has not been plowed since

the snow fell.

B. Impounding vehicles. 

Any vehicle parked in violation of Subsection A

of this Section may be impounded and

no person shall recover any vehicle thus

removed without first paying the cost of

removal and the cost of storage.