Potential Spring Run Off Flooding Announcement

Wasatch County, Heber City and Midway City Emergency Management recommends the public be prepared for spring runoff. If your home is by a ditch, canal, or creek, in a flood plain, or if you have experienced flooding before its time to prepare. We have spoken with Do It Best, Heber Ranch, Timberline, and Tractor Supply today and they are all in the process of having supplies available for you to prepare your properties. Within the next few days our community stores will have the supplies for us to prepare now for the possible spring runoff. Get sandbags now!

Just like carrying insurance, defense of personal property against flooding is a homeowner’s responsibility. Should runoff be excessive, county and city sandbags will be used to protect critical infrastructure. (i.e., as County or City buildings, canal breaches and fresh water facilities) Also, consult your local insurance agent to evaluate your flood insurance coverage for your properties.

While we are very grateful for the needed water, an increase in temperature or a strong rain could cause rapid snow melt. Prepare your home and property now should either of these weather events cause a heavy spring runoff.  We are not issuing an official order or announcement, but merely raising the concern of possible heavy spring runoff as a public service.