Heber & Midway City Councils Meet Tuesday Will Discuss Short-Term Rentals, Transmission Lines, More

Midway and Heber City Councils meet in regular session tomorrow evening. The councils will discuss annexations, short-term rentals, transmission lines and more.

Heber City Council meets in a work meeting starting at 5:00 pm on Tuesday. The council meets in their chambers located at 75 North Main street. The council will receive an update on the Sorenson annexation approval process and discuss a development in the North Village annexation as well as another discussion regarding the option to permit tiny homes. During Kellen Potter’s Mayor Monday Minute, she also mentioned a requested agenda item from council member Heidi Franco

“An MOU to restrict annexations and density along the Heber Valley Parkway proposed environmental study area,” Potter continued. “That’s the possible bypass on the West side of town where this proposed MOU would create a memorandum where no density increases, or no annexations are allowed.”

At 6:00 pm will be the canvass of this year’s municipal election to approve official election results. Additionally, there will be three new Heber City Police Officer sworn in and consideration of a request to rename Wheeler Park as Veterans Park.

Heber City Council will also consider approving an ordinance to regulate short-term rentals and another ordinance regarding building height restrictions.

The city will also consider a land swap and lease agreement with the Wasatch School District

“Essentially what it does is it gives some land that the city owns in the area that the proposed high school will possibly someday be built, switching it with some area over by the airport that’s owned by the school district,” Potter explained. “The city’s desire and intent by proposing this is to get the land that the animal shelter is on owned by the city. Because there’s some confusion there with it being owned by the airport and do we pay rent, and anyway it’s complicated. So, you’re welcome to look into that come and give us your input.”

You can find a link to Mayor Potter’s full broadcast here. 

Midway City Council meets at 5:00 pm on Tuesday in City Council chambers located at 160 West Main Street. After two meetings last week to gather public feedback and inform citizens on options the council will discuss and possibly approve a conditional use permit for Rocky Mountain Power to install their transmission lines.

Additionally Midway City council will discuss and possibly adopt an ordinance amending the Midway City Land Use map to include a portion of the Wasatch Mountain State Park, adding the nearly five square miles to the cities land use map would mean 484 more transient rental capacity allowing the city to continue to collect resort tax.