Envision Heber 2050 Holding Community Vision Open House On Wednesday

Envision Heber 2050 is the city’s efforts to update their general plan. The city will be hosting an open house Wednesday evening to present information and receive feedback from the public.

The community vision open house takes place Wednesday evening at the Heber Valley Elementary School located at 730 South 600 West. Heber City manager Matt Brower says the open house is the second of three meetings scheduled to discuss the Heber City general plan update.

“Dedicated to the update of the city general plan,” Brower continued. “We branded this effort as Envision Heber 2050, trying to look out 30 years to imagine what Heber will be over the course of three decades. We’ve had an initial open house where we had people come in and begin the visioning process. The open house that’s scheduled for May 15th, will be looking at the four scenarios or the four themes that were generated from the first open house. Asking people to say did we get it right? What’d we miss? What do they like about those scenarios? Let us know what they’re thinking.”

The event begins with a soft open at 6:00 pm with attendees able to look at maps and other materials, that will be followed by a presentation from 6:30 to about 7:15. At the conclusion of the presentation attendees will take an online survey to provide feedback on the four scenarios they were shown.

“Look at the themes and the patterns they like from each one and then give us some information about their ideas or their visions themselves,” Brower explained. “So, although there’s four scenarios, what we’re hoping the attendees will do is pick out what they like from each scenario. In other words, take a shopping cart, if you will, say I like this aspect of this scenario or maybe that aspect of that scenario. Then they’ll be able to record that and let the team know what they were thinking and what they like.”
The steering committee will then consider the feedback heard at Wednesday’s meeting and move forward preparing for the final scheduled open house on August 1st.

“We’ll be looking at trying to finalize the vision,” Brower said. “Which then, we will again make public. Ask the community whether they believe that we got it right, or whether there’s some more aspects that we need to dial in.”

You can provide input and follow along with the Heber City general plan update here.